Alex Cagle

Alex received his bachelor’s degree in environmental science with minors in corporate social responsibility and general business from Temple University. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in energy systems focusing on different large-scale solar photovoltaic implementation and viability situations. During Alex’s time as an undergraduate researcher at Temple University, he explored various economic and environmental impacts of large-scale solar photovoltaic arrays. After interning with sustainable business consulting firm Sustrana, Alex gained a deep interest in the importance of various lifecycle analyses of large scale renewable energy projects and plans to focus his research on similar projects. Outside of academia, he enjoys playing soccer, backpacking, and traveling.

Summer 2019

Over the summer, Alex worked as a graduate student researcher in Land, Air, and Water Resources researching metrics to standardize the current literature on land use intensity of renewable energy. The goal of this research is to ultimately invoke more accurate and transparent communications from land use and energy research to policymakers and, ultimately, influence state and federal renewable energy policy. Additionally, he traveled to Lancaster, England to conduct a pilot study on the environmental effects of floating solar photovoltaic arrays. Here, Alex and his colleagues created methodology and performed preliminary field measurements on the effect of floating solar on the underlying water body in terms of algal concentration, dissolved oxygen, and pH among other indicators of water and ecological health.

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