Contact | Energy Graduate Group

If you have general questions or need assistance, please contact:

  • Schaaf, Annemarie

    Annemarie Schaaf

    Annemarie Schaaf is the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Energy Graduate Group and the Transportation Technology & Policy Graduate Group.

If you have general program questions or would like advice, please contact:

  • Kendall, Alissa

    Alissa Kendall

    • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Chair, Energy Graduate Group
    • (530) 752-5722
  • Meier, Alan

    Alan Meier

    • Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    • EGG Graduate Advisor–Admissions
    • Faculty Researcher, Energy and Efficiency Institute
    • Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Energy efficiency; energy demand; economics; behavior and energy use

    Alan Meier is a senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Adjunct Professor at UC Davis in the Department ...

  • Moule, Adam

    Adam Moule

    • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
    • EGG Graduate Advisor-Science & Technology Track
    • (530) 754-8669
  • Novan, Kevin

    Kevin Novan

    • Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
    • EGG Graduate Advisor-Energy Policy & Management Track
    • (360) 319-7410