Key Features

The Energy Graduate Group has several key features that make it unique:

  • We address energy systems broadly, with a focus on renewable energy, transportation fuels, and energy efficiency.
  • We offer rigorous, science-based degrees without the requirement of an engineering degree.
  • We promote interdisciplinary interaction among graduate students and faculty, and with energy and environmental professionals in industry and government.
  • We are hosted by the UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute and its affiliated research centers, programs and partnerships—recognized national and world leaders for research and education in energy efficiency.
  • We have a large, world-renowned community of faculty and researchers engaged in energy research and teaching.
  • UC Davis has a long, successful history of research and professional engagement in energy, policy, and management.
  • We are home to West Village, the country’s first and largest planned Zero Net Energy (ZNE) community, which also houses the Honda Smart Home and serves as a living laboratory.
  • We are located in close proximity to federal and state agencies, stakeholders and industries in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Areas—excellent sources of expertise and potential employment in energy-related fields.
  • California is a global leader in energy efficiency, low-carbon vehicles and fuels, renewable energy, and grid storage.
  • We provide valuable access to internship and job opportunities via our partnerships with a large array of energy-related companies and government agencies.