Emerging Energy Professionals Program

The Emerging Energy Professionals Program (EEPP) is a year-long program designed to train UC Davis undergraduate and graduate students in the skills and thinking essential to pursuing professional careers in energy. The EEPP aims to:

  • Provide students with a baseline, real-world understanding of: energy efficiency technologies and solutions within the context of the energy services industry, the legislative and regulatory environment, energy-users and energy-providers, and other key stakeholders.
  • Advance the professional development and leadership abilities of affiliated students.
  • Augment the student experience, beyond assigned projects, with additional experiential learning opportunities and opportunities for research and subsequent publications.
  • Expose students to future career pathways and to assist them in career planning and growth.

The EEPP employs a variety of learning opportunities, including guest speakers, student presentations, field trips, guided discussions, and applied trainings over the course of 3 quarters. Students involved in the EEPP can expect to research policies and technologies in energy, become familiar with market and data analysis, learn about the energy market in California, and attend weekly meetings at West Village.

Key Accomplishments

  • Held a professional panel on Trends in Electricity Generation with partners from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and the California Independent System Operator.
  • Received a tour of the UC Davis Solar Power plant to improve knowledge and understanding of the facility and technologies used.
  • Engaged students in a discussion on renewable energy generation to advance understanding of opportunities and challenges in this area and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Held professional development workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills to help students learn how to best emphasize their experiences in the energy field.
  • Worked with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab on commercial energy optimization research, data models in energy application, and python coding.
  • Developed white papers, covering topics from biofuels to battery optimization in residences, as a result of work with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


We are looking for motivated students eager to expand their knowledge and learn more about careers in the broad field of energy.

If you are interested in learning more or joining EEPP, please contact us to attend one of our quarterly informational meetings. This program is year-long and has limited spots available, so we highly encourage interested graduate and undergraduate students to apply in the beginning of the school year.

For more information, please Katherine Bannor.