Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson
  • Master's student
Research Interests: Energy Efficiency; Green Buildings; Sustainable Development
Faculty mentor: Alan Meier

Daniel has a B.S. from Eastern Connecticut State University in Environmental Earth Science, with a Sustainable Energy Science Concentration. As an undergraduate researcher, he worked with Dr. Paul Torcellini on an ongoing project to implement and report on a series of affordable energy efficiency upgrades for small municipal schools. The report of this project will serve as an example of how small municipal investments in efficiency can create long-term financial benefits for less affluent communities. Daniel returned to academia in 2018 with the goal of starting a career that will help facilitate the global transition to more sustainable energy systems. He believes that developing more sustainable, equitable energy production and consumption is the most important work of our time.

The Energy and Efficiency Institute (EEI) at UC Davis is a leading university institution advancing impactful energy and energy efficiency solutions.

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