Report – Residential Electrification in Sacramento and Its Impact on Residential Appliance Sales

In this report, researchers investigate and quantify the market for appliances related to residential electrification and decarbonization, using the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) as a case study.

This report addresses three questions:
1. What is the status of residential electrification plans in Sacramento?
2. What are the estimated equipment sales expected to result from residential electrification plans in Sacramento?
3. What are the key barriers to residential electrification in Sacramento?

This report focuses on Sacramento but puts its activities in the context of statewide activities.

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How Water Conservation can Help Save Energy, Too

Watering the lawn less, taking shorter showers, and switching to a low-flow toilet all conserve water. And they also reduce carbon pollution. “About 20% of the state of California’s energy use is associated with the water system,” says Frank Loge of the University of California, Davis.

He explains that every step of a water system uses energy: pumping water from lakes and reservoirs, treating it to make it safe to drink, and pumping it into homes and businesses. Then, if it’s sent down a sink or toilet, it’s usually processed at a wastewater treatment plant, which Loge says takes a tremendous amount of energy.

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