Davis Energy Economics Program

The UC Davis Davis Energy Economics Program (DEEP) supports economic research on all aspects of the energy industries, spanning fuels markets, energy consumption, electricity regulation and deregulation, vehicle markets, and emissions trading. It provides an intellectual hub through which the Davis energy economics community, industry, and policymakers gather and exchange ideas, research, and information on the challenges and opportunities facing today’s energy sector.

Energy & Transportation Senior Policy Fellowship Program

The UC Energy & Transportation Davis Senior Policy Fellowship program increases and extends the impact of ongoing research, education, and outreach of University faculty, staff, and students in the fields of sustainable energy, transportation, and energy efficiency. The Program provides a valuable resource for researchers working on technology development and policy analysis by advancing efforts to inform and influence policymakers at the local, state and national level. 

Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The UC Davis Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship serves as the nexus for entrepreneurship education and research—and as a springboard for entrepreneurial initiatives—on the UC Davis campus. To accomplish this, the Institute brings science, engineering and business students and faculty together with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders in a highly collaborative environment that blends effective theory with hands-on participation and solution-driven innovation.

Institute of Transportation Studies

The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) is the leading university-based transportation program in the world. It organizes and conducts multidisciplinary research on emerging and important transportation issues, disseminating this research through conferences and scholarly publications, and enhancing the quality and breadth of transportation education.

Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy

The UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy leverages university expertise and engages directly with decision-makers to deliver credible, relevant, and timely information and analysis to inform better energy and environmental policy.