Job Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Research in Materials Decarbonization


The Energy and Efficiency Institute at the University of California, Davis, is seeking one post-doc to lead research in the area of low-carbon materials.  The post-doc  will participate in, lead, and develop new research projects in designing sustainable materials with an emphasis on assessing environmental burdens and integrating environmental impact assessment methods with material  performance. The post-doc will develop means to robustly assess local, regional, and global burdens from materials consumption. The research will focus on cement-based materials (e.g., concrete), bio-derived materials (e.g., wood), alloys (e.g., steel), and/or polymeric materials (e.g., plastic). 


Appointment length:   Maximum  24 month, 100 % time  

Salary: Between $60,000 and $72,000, commensurate with experience.

Job Location: Davis, California, USA

Anticipated start date:   September 2023


  1. Oversee  and conduct comprehensive data analysis including both qualitative and quantitative data.
  2. Develop and maintain online assessment tools.
  3. Identify funding opportunities; lead  and contribute to proposals to apply to those opportunities.
  4. Write articles for refereed academic journals, for technical reports , and/or for conferences.
  5. Supervise, train, and mentor graduate students and other team members working on research projects.

Qualifications (at the time of application):


  1. Ph.D or equivalent International Degree in Engineering, Chemistry, Energy, or topic demonstrably related to decarbonization.
  2. Research experience in techniques and policies related to low-carbon materials.  
  3. Record of high quality publications in academic journals and other publication venues.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team, including the ability to efficiently and actively cooperate with other staff members within the organization.
  5. Strong English communication skills (oral and written).



  1. Besides the graduate study leading to the PhD, additional academic, industrial training or other professional experience in the building sciences or closely related fields.
  2. Demonstrated ability to obtain funding to pursue their research interests and goals, or at least demonstrated proposal writing skills.
  3. End-to-end experience with all aspects of research – development of initial research concept,  identification of and planning for funding opportunities including forming competitive teams for funding applications, writing proposals, research design, data acquisition, occupant surveys, analysis, reporting, and stakeholder communication.
  4. Demonstrated ability to lead a research team of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and associates.

Application Procedure

Please submit an application letter explaining why you want this position and your goals, along  with your CV, to Alan Meier  akmeier@ucdavis.edu. Please include contact information for two references in your letter.