To advance our energy system, the Energy and Efficiency Institute has built a strong research program through its Centers, Global Impact Efforts, Collaborators, and Research Initiatives. The EEI integrates technical and business expertise to drive market-changing energy efficiency solutions by:

  • Conducting leading research in lighting; heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration; water-energy efficiency; and plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Developing solutions in the wine, food, and beverage industry.
  • Conducting market research to help utility and energy companies evaluate the market demand and potential for emerging technologies and solutions.
  • Developing safe, secure data platforms on which advanced analytics can generate insights into efficiency efforts.
  • Creating new approaches to building audits, identification of energy efficiency opportunities, and financing mechanisms.
  • Accelerating the transfer of energy innovations to and from developing countries.
  • Fostering research and collaboration in energy economics.
  • Understanding human behavior and its connection to energy.
  • Improving user interfaces on energy equipment and systems.

The Energy and Efficiency Institute (EEI) at UC Davis is a leading university institution advancing impactful energy and energy efficiency solutions.

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