The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) hosted an event to celebrate the launch of the LMLS-600 on April 17 with utility partners and retail facility managers. It included a seminar on the new technology and its development, a demonstration of the dual-loop photosensor, a luncheon, and tours of CLTC’s new daylighting and LED laboratories.

The LMLS-600 is the first lighting control device on the market to combine open-loop and closed-loop photo sensing strategies, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of daylight sensing. The innovation has the potential to popularize skylights and daylight harvesting strategies on a whole new scale, cutting annual electricity costs for businesses and public entities, reducing peak loads on utilities and moving states closer to their efficiency and climate goals.

A year-long demonstration at the 24-hour West Sacramento Walmart store showed the dual-loop system achieved an additional 50 percent of the energy savings achieved by the store’s incumbent open-loop system, with energy cost savings of $14,500 over a period of 12 months. If Walmart were to install this new technology in each of their 3,500 locations across the US, estimated energy cost savings would total over $50 billion.