Community-Owned Broadband – How Electric Co-ops Are Leveraging the Energy Transition to Bridge the Digital Divide


Date & Time: Wednesday, November 15th // Noon

Location: 215 Sage Street, Davis, CA

The digital divides hits rural and marginalized communities hardest. Big Broadband providers claim broadband doesn’t “pencil out” in these communities. Yet America’s electric co-ops are filling the void and bridging the digital divide, providing high-speed, world-class broadband in some of the countries most economically challenged communities.

Cooperative Extension Professor Keith Taylor will present a case study of and a dialogue with Anza Electric Co-op (AEC). Shawn Trento, AEC’s Network Administrator, will discuss the American electric co-op sector, how AEC is a leader amongst California’s utilities in the energy transition, and how the energy transition is being leveraged to provide fiber-to-the-home in communities that for profit utilities claimed were impossible to serve.

This is a lunchtime event and lunch will be provided. Space is limited, so please fill out this form if you plan to attend.

Background: A documentary about Anza Electric Co-op’s broadband and microgrid programs (here –