By Alston Lim • UC Davis 2014

Anthony Eggert, director of the UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy, is part of the coalition of energy leaders who unveiled a set of recommendations on Feb. 7 designed to double U.S. energy productivity by 2030.

The plan, called Energy 2030, identifies the most impactful bipartisan energy policy solutions in America today and urges policymakers at all levels of government to take action in the key areas of investment, modernization and education.

According to the plan’s projections, the net benefits could be over “$1,000 a year in average household savings in utility and transportation costs, over a million added jobs, a one-third reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and a similar reduction in oil imports”.

The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy was created in 2012 to identify solutions for increasing U.S. energy productivity and aid in jumpstarting the economy.

For the full Energy 2030 report, click here