Energy Justice and Research as Movement Work

What is energy justice and why is it vital to achieve? Energy justice aims to give all people equitable access to energy and new technologies while rectifying past injustices inflicted in the name of resource extraction, economic gain, neglect or other denigrations of human dignity. To reach goals for sustainable and climate-appropriate energy, we must also achieve energy justice. This talk will discuss the sort of training needed to adequately address energy justice and offer suggestions for how to undertake justice-oriented research projects studying sustainable energy solutions.

Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, PhD conducts sociocultural research on justice in knowledge production, mobility justice, and environmental justice. She is the Director of the Environmental Justice Leaders program and the Associate Director at the Feminist Research Institute. She is an affiliated faculty in Science & Technology Studies and the Institute for Transportation Studies. McCullough leads a National Science Foundation project that integrates justice-oriented frameworks into climate science research. She applies her expertise in ethnographic methods, discourse and power analysis, and science & technology studies to create trainings, programming, and research partnerships between STEM researchers, community partners, and cultural scholars. She has a PhD in Cultural Studies from UC Davis.