On November 3rd, 2022, UC Davis will host the fourth Global Energy Managers Workshop where facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world will share best practices in campus energy management, carbon reduction strategies and community engagement.

This year’s event will be online via Zoom. We have an exciting agenda and hope you can participate.

This event is free of charge.


Campus Decarbonization Planning and Execution – Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition

Thursday, November 3rd

(All Times are PST) 9:00am – 9:15am Welcome and Introductions (Watch Video) (Download Slides)
  • Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis
  • Joshua Morejohn, Executive Director, Utilities & Engineering, UC Davis
9:15am – 9:55am Keynote (Watch Video) (Download Slides)
9:55am – 10:00am GEM Short Feature (Watch Video) (Download Slides)
  • Achieving a Reliable Transition to Clean Energy in a Changing Climate  Siva Gunda, Vice Chair, California Energy Commission
10:00am – 11:20am Session 1: Campus Decarbonization Planning (Watch Video)
  • David Phillips, Associate Vice President, Energy and Sustainability, UC Office of the President
  • Berkeley Clean Energy Campus: Building the Decarbonized Energy System for the Future  Kira Stoll, Chief Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Officer, UC Berkeley (Download Slides)
  • Climate Changes Everything: Stanford’s Decarbonization Journey  Gerry Hamilton, Director, Facilities Energy Management, Stanford University (Download Slides)
  • Driving Healthcare Decarbonization: UCI’s All-Electric Hospital Plan  Brian Pratt, Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect, UC Irvine (Download Slides)
11:20am – 11:25am GEM Short Feature (Watch Video) (Download Slides)
  • Step-up: Improve Comfort and Save Energy in Your Small Buildings Through Networked Control of Packaged Rooftop HVAC Units  Nora Hart, Senior Scientific Engineering Associate, Berkeley Lab
11:25am – 12:45pm Session 2: Execution – Tracking & Improving Building Performance (Watch Video)
  • Ongoing Commissioning at Berkeley Lab: A Five-Year Update  John Elliott, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sustainable Berkeley Lab (Download Slides)
  • The University of British Columbia: Achieving a 40% Reduction in Energy Use from UBC’s Largest Laboratory Building and Decarbonization Planning  Julie West, Senior Energy Conservation Manager, The University of British Columbia (Download Slides)
  • Cost Effective RCx Project Approach Strategies  John Deffenbaugh, Senior Continuous Commissioning Engineer, The Pennsylvania State University (Download Slides)
12:45pm – 1:15pm Lunch with Music
1:15pm – 1:20pm GEM Short Feature (Watch Video) (Download Slides)
  • Saving Electricity in a Hurry  Alan Meier, Executive Director, Energy and Efficiency Institute
1:20pm – 2:40pm Session 3: Execution  Electrification at Scale (Watch Video)
  • Jose Bodipo-Memba, Sustainable Communities Director, SMUD
  • Pay Now or Pay Later: Selling Infrastructure Projects to Campus  Josh Morejohn, Executive Director, Utilities & Engineering, UC Davis (Download Slides)
  • Renewable Contracting at UC: The Process of Wholesale Power Procurement  Colin Mickle, CNI Fellow, UC Office of the President (Download Slides)
  • Putting Equity in Action: Lessons from Campus Energy Projects and Affordable Housing Electrification  Meenakshi Venkatraman, Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Federal Operations (Download Slides)
2:40pm – 2:50pm Closing Remarks & Raffle
  • Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis
  • Joshua Morejohn, Executive Director, Utilities & Engineering, UC Davis


Morten Blarke
Chief Advisor
The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities

Jose Bodipo-Memba
Sustainable Communities Director

John Deffenbaugh
Senior Continuous Commissioning Engineer
The Pennsylvania State University

Brianna Dooley
Master’s Student
Energy Graduate Group
UC Davis

John Elliott
Chief Sustainability Officer
Sustainable Berkeley Lab

Siva Gunda
Vice Chair
 California Energy Commission


Gerry Hamilton
Facilities Energy Management
Stanford University

Nora Hart
Senior Scientific Engineering Associate
Berkeley Lab


Kurt Kornbluth
Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab
UC Davis

Brian Vad Mathiesen
Aalborg University

Alan Meier
Executive Director
Energy and Efficiency Institute 
UC Davis

Joshua Morejohn
Energy Manager
UC Davis

David Phillips
Associate Vice President Energy and Sustainability
UC Office of the President

Brian Pratt
Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect
UC Irvine

Kira Stoll
Chief Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Officer
UC Berkeley

Meena Venkatraman
Senior Research Associate
Sustainable Federal Operations

Julie West
Senior Energy Conservation Manager
University of British Columbia

Workshop History

The Global Energy Managers Workshop was first held in 2019 at UC Davis. In 2020 and 2021, GEM was held virtually with hundreds of attendees from around the world. The goal of GEM is to bring together facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world to share and learn about energy-saving, cost management, and carbon reduction strategies. The event is hosted by UC Davis Facilities, the Energy and Efficiency Institute, and the Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Cities Initiative. Past agendas and presentations can be found here.

Hosted By

UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute


If you have any questions about this event or need assistance with your registration, please contact:

Sheri Hagoes


(530) 754-2354