On November 2nd, 2023, UC Davis will host the fifth Global Energy Managers Workshop where facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world will share best practices in campus energy management, carbon reduction strategies and community engagement.


Reality of Electrification Implementation

Thursday, November 2nd

(All Times are PST)

9:00am – 9:15am Welcome and Introductions (Watch Video / Slides)

    • Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis
    • Joshua Morejohn, Executive Director, Utilities & Engineering, UC Davis

9:15am – 9:55am Keynote: Lessons Learned on the Road to Zero Carbon (Watch Video / Slides)

    • Lora Anguay, Chief Zero Carbon Officer, SMUD

9:55am – 10:00am GEM Short Feature: Tips for Incorporating Equity in Electrification Projects and Policy (Watch Video / Slides)
    • Meena Venkatraman, Senior Research Associate, Berkeley Lab

10:00am – 11:20am Session 1: Electrification Drivers: Supporting Goals, Legislation and Policies (Watch Video)


    • Ali Qamar, Energy Graduate Group, UC Davis


    • The Future is Electric: CA’s Plan to Decarbonize Through Electrification  Kat Robinson, Chief of Staff, Chair Hochschild, California Energy Commission (Slides)
    • Higher Education Drivers for Electrification – Matt St. Clair, Chief Sustainability Officer, University of California Office of the President (Slides)
    • Policies for Equitable and Efficient Electrification  Mark Kresowik, Senior Director for Policy, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (Slides)

11:20am – 11:25am GEM Short Feature (Watch Video / Slides)
    • The Evolution of Grid Emissions Data and What it Means for Your Organization’s Decarbonization Strategies – Greg Miller, Research & Policy Lead, Singularity Energy

11:25am – 12:45pm Session 2: Electrification Execution: End User Realities and Lessons Learned (Watch Video)


    • Maria Kanwal, Energy Graduate Group, UC Davis


    • Clean, Green Ship, Truck and Train Marine Machine  Bonnie Nixon, Director of ESG and Sustainability, Long Beach Container Terminal (Slides)
    • Dormitories, Stadiums, Kitchens and More: Insights from Electrifying UC Davis  Andre Nelson, Energy Project Engineer, UC Davis (Slides)
    • Early Learnings from Electrifying Humber College’s Largest Campus  Aman Hehar, Associate Director, Energy & Climate Change, Humber College (Slides)

12:45pm – 1:15pm Lunch with Music
1:15pm – 1:20pm GEM Short Feature (Watch Video / Slides)
    • Informed Energy Product Procurement with the Hub  Theresa Pistochini, Co-Director of Engineering, Energy Efficiency Institute & Western Cooling Efficiency Center, UC Davis

1:20pm – 2:40pm Session 3: Electrification Execution: The Vendor and Consultant Perspective
Moderator (Watch Video)
    • Jeffrey Clary, Senior Director-Climate Strategies, Foundation for California Community Colleges


    • District-Scale Heat Recovery Chiller Market Update – Colin Moyer, Mechanical Engineer, Affiliated Engineers (Slides)
    • Commercial HVAC Decarbonization Solutions Update Kasey Boxleitner, Decarb Sales Leader, Trane (Slides)
    • Denver Commercial and Multifamily Electrification – Lessons from the Field – Miles Hayes, Senior Engineer, Michaels Energy (Slides)

2:40pm – 2:50pm Closing Remarks & Raffle (Watch Video)
    • Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis
    • Joshua Morejohn, Executive Director, Utilities & Engineering, UC Davis


Lora Anguay
Chief Zero Carbon Officer

Kasey Boxleitner
Decarb Sales Leader

Jeffrey Clary
Senior Director-Climate Strategies
Foundation for California Community Colleges

Miles Hayes
Senior Engineer
Michaels Energy

Aman Hehar
Associate Director, Energy & Climate Change
Humber College

Maria Kanwal
Energy Graduate Group
UC Davis

Kurt Kornbluth
Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab
UC Davis

Mark Kresowik
Senior Director for Policy

Greg Miller
Research & Policy Lead
Singularity Energy


Joshua Morejohn
Executive Director of Engineering & Utilities
UC Davis

Colin Moyer
Mechanical Engineer

Andre Nelson
Energy Project Engineer
UC Davis


Bonnie Nixon
Director of ESG and Sustainability
Long Beach Container Terminal

Theresa Pistochini
Co-Director of Engineering
UC Davis – Western Cooling Efficiency Center

Ali Qamar
Energy Graduate Group
UC Davis

Kat Robinson
Chief of Staff, Chair Hochschild
California Energy Commission

Matt St. Clair
Chief Sustainability Officer

Meena Venkatraman
Senior Research Associate
Berkeley Lab

Workshop History

The Global Energy Managers Workshop was first held in 2019 at UC Davis. In 2020, 2021 and 2022, GEM was held virtually with hundreds of attendees from around the world. The goal of GEM is to bring together facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world to share and learn about energy-saving, cost management, and carbon reduction strategies. The event is hosted by UC Davis Facilities, the Energy and Efficiency Institute, and the Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Cities Initiative. Past agendas and presentations can be found here.

Hosted By

UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute


If you have any questions about this event or need assistance with your registration, please contact:

Sheri Hagoes


(530) 754-2354