Greening Cement: A Primer on Technologies and Policies to Support California’s Transition to Low-GHG Cement

Thursday, August 26 from 11am to 12pm PST

As California and the nation push towards reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, cement production has emerged as an area of critical importance. Reducing GHG emissions from cement production is complex due to the ways that cement is produced, and the need for cement to support critical civil infrastructure systems over lifespans measured in decades. At UC Davis, there is ongoing research examining technology and policy drivers to mitigate these GHG emissions while maintaining performance.

In this special webinar, UC Davis faculty will discuss recent developments in sustainable cement, including critical technologies, performance considerations, policy structures, and the importance of stakeholder coordination. A panel of experts in the field will provide feedback and context. There will be time for discussion and Q&As so please bring your experiences and questions to share.

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