July 11, 2019 – UC Davis’ Center for Water-Energy Efficiency (CWEE) is delighted to introduce their newest affiliate, InPipe Energy. Dedicated to generating low cost, clean electricity from existing water pipelines, InPipe will join CWEE’s efforts to advance water management solutions for the integrated savings of water and energy resources. Funds from InPipe’s commitment will support operations and research crucial to the goals of CWEE.

Affiliates are integral to CWEE’s success. By working together, the center learns more about industry concerns, activities, and priorities; while affiliates benefit from engagement with the center’s faculty, researchers, and professional network, as well as the integrated solutions developed.

About the UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency

Around the world, water and energy resources are increasingly stressed by expanding demand, diminished supply, and environmental degradation, all of which occur within the broader context of complex economic and regulatory challenges. Unfortunately, our ability to measure, monitor, and manage this coupled water-energy system is underdeveloped. The Center for Water-Energy Efficiency (CWEE) at UC Davis seeks to address this gap by developing strategies, technologies, and policies that achieve mutual benefits of water, energy, carbon, and cost savings. 

About InPipe Energy

InPipe Energy is a renewable energy and smart water technology company focused on novel approaches to integrating water and energy infrastructure. InPipe Energy’s products improve water management, mitigate environmental damage, optimize energy services, and recapture unused energy.

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