Michael Siminovitch, director of the UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), has been selected by Sacramento News & Review as a Sacramento local that has had a major influence in reducing “global-warming pollution.”

According to Dr. Siminovitch, large reductions in energy consumption result from small, every day changes in energy use. Following this philosophy he, along with researchers at the CLTC, has developed and put into practice LEDs that adjust according to pedestrian and bicycle presence around the UC Davis campus, which he describes as “the largest lighting demonstration laboratory in the country.” Additionally, he has been involved in energy saving policies such as Title 20 and Title 24, which, in addition to other policies, “means that buildings and parking garages won’t have lights blazing 24-seven and will be required to have occupancy controls and sensors.”

His innovative and efficient methods of saving energy have put California “on a path to literally transform how buildings and urban spaces are designed, built and operated with a goal of reducing energy usage” and make him a key player in energy-saving policies throughout the state.

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