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The Energy and Efficiency Institute, in partnership with the Institute of Transportation Studies and the Policy Institute launched a new Environmental Justice (EJ) Fellowship to connect university-based research programs and personnel with community expertise and knowledge. We are excited to introduce our first cohort of 11 fellows! [Learn More]

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Professor Wins UC National Lab Funding to Study Reuse of Captured CO2

Professor Louise Berben is the lead principal investigator for one of five UC-wide research projects recently awarded nearly $19 million in grants by the UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program. Berben’s lab will develop new ways to divert CO2 from waste streams and convert it into clean, renewable fuels and other useful products. [Read More]
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Publication Explores Teachers’ Experiences of Ventilation in California K-12 Classrooms


In a study published in Indoor Air, researchers surveyed 84 teachers across 11 California schools about their perceptions of environmental quality as it related to monitored indoor environmental quality (IEQ) data from their classrooms. Researchers found that teachers did not accurately perceive ventilation; in fact, those in classrooms with poorer ventilation were more satisfied with IEQ.  [Read the Article]

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Assistant Professor Receives NSF Career Award

Sabbie Miller received an NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award–a prestigious award recognizing junior faculty who have the potential to become leaders in their fields. Miller’s research focuses on designing sustainable infrastructure materials and minimizing their environmental impacts.

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Publication Presents GHG Forecasts for Electrification of Space Heating


In the most recent issue of Energy Policy, researchers present the first detailed emission forecasts for operating either a heat pump or gas furnace for residential heating over a 15-year period, starting in year 2022 through 2036, in six regions across the US. The population weighted US average results show emission reductions for a heat pump over furnace to be 38–53% for carbon dioxide, 53–67% for 20-Year global warming potential (GWP), and 44–60% for 100-Year GWP, with reductions increasing over time. [Read the Article]

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Energy Equity Seminar Series Continues


Two of our graduate students launched the first annual Energy Justice Seminar, a space dedicated to discussing the multifaceted energy justice issues that are embedded in our energy system. This seminar has been developed based on the recognition that many energy topics have nuance and historical roots in issues of justice that deserve dedicated discussion and study. [Learn More]

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