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Video Released on the Importance of Ventilation in Schools

Ensuring that schools are ventilated and have good indoor air quality is critical to protecting and supporting the health and well-being of students and teachers. Our new 6 minute video, sponsored by the National Energy Management Institute, describes why ventilation is important, how it works, and the specific actions school districts can take to improve ventilation and indoor air quality. [Watch Video]

Cacti and Other Iconic Desert Plants are Threatened by Solar Development 

In a new study, researchers with the Wild Energy Initiative examined the impacts of ground-mounted solar energy development in the Mojave Desert on native plants. Researchers found negative impacts on the desert scrub plant community, including plants of cultural significance to 18 Native American ethnic groups. [Read the journal article

Model Developed to Advance Sub-Wet Bulb Evaporative Chillers

Evaporative cooling technologies are an alternative to compressor-based systems that can help address peak electrical demand. Researchers at the Western Cooling Efficiency Center developed a simplified model to predict the performance of a novel sub-wet bulb evaporative cooler (SWEC) for producing chilled water. Overall, the model suggests SWEC is feasible for hot and dry climates. [Read the journal article]

Thermal Energy Systems Can Reduce Indirect CO2 Emissions

Western Cooling Efficiency Center researcher Nelson Dichter used annual whole building energy simulations to model the electric load of commercial HVAC systems with and without thermal energy storage capabilities in a four-story office building in 3 different California cities. His simulations show that thermal energy systems were effective at reducing GHG emissions by shifting HVAC electric load from peak to off-peak hours. [Read the report]

Congratulations to Sada Wachche our Newest Energy Graduate Group Graduate 

We are excited to announce that Sada Wachche has graduated from the Energy Graduate Group. Sada will be continuing on in the UC Davis Transportation Technology and Policy program, where he is completing his master's degree. Best of luck!

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