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UC Davis Launches New Color Lab at the California Lighting Technology Center
The California Lighting Technology Center is establishing “The Color Lab” in collaboration with the Center for Mind and Brain to explore the impact of discrete color spectra on stress, mood, and alertness. The Color Lab will be available to all UC Davis researchers and partners interested in studying the interactions between discrete spectra and humans. [Learn More]
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UC Davis Joins CalNEXT Initiative


We are excited to be part of the CalNEXT partner team. This program is a statewide initiative to support new, big ideas to help California reach its decarbonization goals. In the next six years, CalNEXT aims to support the implementation of 170 projects that demonstrate the scalability and impacts of emerging electric technologies that have the potential to make significant impacts within the CA investor-owned utility energy efficiency portfolios. [Learn More]
HVAC system on a roof

Field Demonstration of a Packaged Heat Pump with Indirect Evaporative Cooling


In a new report, researchers compare the performance of a packaged rooftop unit (RTU) that combines a heat pump with an indirect-direct evaporative cooling system to the performance of a baseline RTU with gas heat and electric air conditioning. The new technology was able to maintain thermal comfort, increase outside air for human health and performance, eliminate natural gas combustion for heating, and save electricity, even when including the electricity used for heating. [Read the Report]
photo of ASME Certificate of Recognition

Ines-Noelly Tanos Receives Outstanding Student Paper Award


Congratulations to Ines-Noelly Tanos, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering, who won the first Outstanding Student Paper Award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ International Conference on Energy Sustainability for her article ‘An additively-manufactured molten salt-to-supercritical carbon di-oxide primary heat exchanger for solar thermal power generation – Design and techno-economic performance.’ [Learn More]
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Assessing Barriers to Adoption of Residential Distributed Energy Resources


Distributed energy resources (DERs), such as energy efficiency, demand response, and home solar, are key to reducing the carbon intensity of residential buildings and combating the climate crisis. In a newly published article in Energy Policy, Institute researchers adapted Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation theory to develop an assessment tool for technology characteristics influencing the adoption of different DERs. [Read Article]


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