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Join us on April 25, 2022, for the UC Davis Industrial Decarbonization Symposium. This in-person event will bring together public and private sector stakeholders to discuss near- and medium-term opportunities for decarbonization of California’s industry. Conversations will explore ways industry, utilities, regulators, and researchers can partner together to advance cost-effective solutions that reduce GHG emissions and increase resiliency and load flexibility. While the focus of this symposium will be on California, the solutions explored will be relevant nationally and internationally.
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Lighting Center Welcomes New Associate Director


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Professor Jae Yong Suk. Suk joins the California Lighting Technology Center as Associate Director, and the Department of Design as an associate professor teaching lighting and daylighting design courses. Suk brings a unique background as a highly accomplished researcher, professor, and internationally recognized lighting designer. [Learn More]
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Leak Reduction is the Most Cost-Effective Urban Water Management Tool


In a study published in Environmental Research Letters, researchers used data from over 800 utilities across 4 states to characterize water losses across the country. They developed a model to assess the economically efficient level of losses and used that model to compare various water loss regulations and modeling approaches. The model shows that for a median utility it is economically efficient to reduce water losses by 34.7%. While uniform approaches are not recommended, researchers found that applying utility-specific solutions can save water at a profit for both utilities and society. [Read the Article]

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New Sloan Foundation Grant on Renewable Energy and Wildlife Distribution Ranges for the United States


Associate Professor Rebecca R. Hernandez and colleagues received a grant from the Energy and Environment Program at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to anticipate and understand conflicts between renewable energy installations and wildlife. Researchers will conduct literature reviews and surveys, hold workshops, and develop detailed maps to intersect species’ climate change-induced range shifts with maps of renewable energy siting potential for the entire United States.
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Do-It-Yourself Box Fan Air Filter Efficiently Reduces Suspended Particle Concentrations Indoors


In a study published in Aerosol Science and Technology, researchers systematically characterized the performance of a “do-it-yourself” air filter, known as the Corsi-Rosenthal Box, that uses MERV-13 filters coupled with a box fan. They used both research-grade instrumentation and a low-cost particle sensor to evaluate clean air delivery rates. Overall, the Corsi-Rosenthal Box demonstrated exceptional performance relative to most commercially available filter-based air cleaners. [Read Article]
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UC Davis Give Day – April 22-23


Each year, UC Davis hosts Give Day – a campus-wide online fundraising event that gives everyone a chance to come together to support their favorite programs. By giving to our Institute you will help advance our top priority areas: environmental justice and equity, student career development, and our Energy Graduate Group students. [Learn More]
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Join Us for our Spring Seminar Series


Every Thursday this spring we will be hosting our Energy Bites seminar series in-person and remotely. Each seminar will have 2 short presentation “bites” over the lunch hour (12pm to 1pm PST). We hope you can join us and check out some of our latest research. Our first seminar is Thursday, April 14. [Learn More]

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UC Davis Give Day
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Industrial Decarbonization Symposium
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