The UC Davis Biogas Energy Project: Turning Waste into Energy

Join Professor Ruihong Zhang, of the University of California, Davis, College of Engineering, as she tours the campus' innovative Biogas Energy Project. Along the way, she explains how today's organic waste can be processed to meet tomorrow's energy demands.

UC Davis’ Solar Farm Cuts Carbon Footprint

UC Davis Aggies have a new crop, growing electricity from a 62-acre, 16.3 megawatt solar farm on campus. Designed and built by SunPower, the plant supplies 14 percent of electricity for the campus and cuts our carbon footprint by nine percent.

Robert Mondavi Institute's New Green Facilities

The new winery, brewery, and food science facility at UC Davis' Robert Mondavi Institute is featured in "State of Minds," UCTV's quarterly magazine program. This video shows historic manufacturing and compares them with the new facility's cutting edge processes that emphasize sustainability. For more, go to the website