Pablo Busch
  • Ph.D Student
Research Interests: Data Analysis, Environmental Economics, Life-Cycle Assessment, Air Pollution, Machine Learning
Faculty mentor: Alissa Kendall

Pablo holds a professional degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a diploma in Environmental Engineering from the Pontific Catholic University of Chile. Prior to attending UC Davis, Pablo worked three years in environmental policy consulting in Chile, in projects related to air pollution, risk analysis, circular economy and climate change.

During his time at UC Davis, Pablo pursued a double M.Sc. degree in Environmental Policy & Management and Statistics, showcasing his multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. At UC Davis he has worked on research projects focused on cement and concrete industrial decarbonization, and on studying the carbon intensity of different hydrogen production pathways.

Currently, as a PhD candidate, Pablo’s research centers on the intricate supply chain dynamics surrounding the adoption of electric vehicles, with particular emphasis on battery technology, critical minerals requirements and their associated environmental impacts. Pablo is interested in the areas of data science, industrial ecology, public policy, air quality and public health.