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Ryohei Hinokuma
  • Director of Market Transformation and Advocacy
  • Daikin

Ryohei has been working in the sustainability sector for eleven years. His primary focus is on energy efficiency, energy management, and demand response in the HVAC industry. He is very passionate about ensuring global penetration of sustainable energy use. In his current role, he works with key stakeholders including government agencies, NGOs, and utilities to accelerate market penetration and expansion of Daikin core technologies in the US to pursue meeting the common goals of building electrification and decarbonization. Hinokuma has been with Daikin since 2010, holding a variety of positions including management of strategic alliances and market research engineering. He has also held positions at Bidgely and San Francisco Community Power and received both his M.S. in Transportation Technology and Policy and his B.S. in Environmental Biology and Management at UC Davis.