Naoki Kamo
  • President
  • Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America

Naoki Kamo has been with Panasonic for 36 years and is currently president of Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. In this leadership role, he oversees Solar Energy, Indoor Air Quality, and Power Tool Solutions mainly related to the residential housing sector. He is also responsible for a 700-person manufacturing operation in Tijuana producing indoor air related products which is helping to carry out Panasonic’s vision for safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient housing solutions worldwide.

Prior to this assignment, Naoki was president across Asia territory and president for the sales division in Japan centering around electronic components such as batteries and motors.  He has also been stationed overseas in Europe, where he helped create Panasonic’s presence in fuel-cell related energy products and gas heating products.

Naoki earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology.