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Michael Siminovitch
  • Professor, Design
  • Director, California Lighting Technology Center
  • Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency
Research Interests: Energy-efficient lighting technology and design

Michael Siminovitch is Director of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), Professor in the Department of Design,and the Arthur H. Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency. Siminovitch participated on the leadership team for California’s Strategic Lighting Plan and helped lead efforts to improve the 2013 Title 24, Part 6 standards for exterior lighting. He co-authored the original California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) and now serves on its board of directors. He also established the UC Davis Smart Lighting Initiative, one of the largest lighting retrofit projects in California, to reduce lighting energy use 60% below 2007 levels. In 2014, Siminovitch was selected by UC President Janet Napolitano as an inaugural member of the UC Global Climate Leadership Council. He received master’s degrees in Industrial Design and Architecture from the University of Illinois and a doctoral degree in Architecture and Human Factors Engineering from the University of Michigan.