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Vedant Sinha
  • Master's Student
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Markets, Negative Emissions Technologies, Carbon Pricing, Life-Cycle Assessment

Vedant received a BSc (Hons.) First Class degree in Political Economy from King’s College London in 2022. He started an Energy Society at King’s College London to provide a platform for undergraduate students to interact with key stakeholders and professionals in the UK Energy Sector. He secured the first position at KCL Climate Policy Pitch 2022 for his scheme on funding carbon capture technologies in the UK’s industrial clusters. After graduating, Vedant worked at the UK Parliament for an MP and the former Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. During his time at the UK Parliament, Vedant researched on a variety of energy and climate policy topics ranging from negative emissions technologies to rare earth minerals critical to the clean energy transition. He is currently set to begin his Master’s degree in Energy Systems, aiming to specialize in the Policy and Management Track.