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Stephanie Chen
Stephanie Chen
  • Ph.D student
Research Interests: Biofuels and Biogas; Biomass
Faculty mentor: Chris Simmons

Stephanie earned her dual bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Technology and Economics at the National Taiwan University and completed her Master’s degree in Animal Science and Technology. There, she participated in multiple research projects and investigated a wide range of subjects, from the gut microbiota in tortoises to the mycotoxicosis in chickens. After graduation, she was a research assistant at the Chinese Culture University and the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. She cultivated her broad research interests through conducting diverse projects, which included extracting keratin from waterfowl’s feathers for value-added applications and studying the complex interplay of the honeybee, its microbiome, and phytochemicals.

Stephanie is passionate about conducting research that aims to bridge microbial resources from animals to their potent applications. Her current project focuses on the utilization of rumen microbial resources into anaerobic digestion to improve efficiency in biofuel conversion from agricultural and food processing wastes.