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Kelsie Titus
  • Master's Student
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Policy; Energy Economics; Nexus of Distributed Energy Resources & Variable Energy Resources; Microgrids
Faculty mentor: Kevin Novan

Kelsie received her B.S. in Environmental Studies with a focus in Energy Management and Design from California State University, Sonoma in 2019. She began working as an energy analyst for an energy consulting firm in the construction industry in the North Bay Area in late 2018. After becoming a Certified Energy Analyst through the California Association of Building Energy Consultants for California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Kelsie took the opportunity to take on the role as a Green Building Inspector in order to enforce California’s building energy efficiency and green building standards through residential and commercial construction project inspections and testing. She is now currently working as a graduate student assistant in the Renewable Energy Division of the California Energy Commission, and is interested in continuing a career in state energy policy.