Adaptive, sensor-based, technologies are rapidly evolving as best practices for typical exterior environments such as parking, roadway, and pathway applications. However, research is still needed in order to best understand optimal dynamic lighting ranges associated with levels that could enhance and maintain safety, security and high-impact applications. Additionally, current sensor technologies commonly use very simple passive infrared devices, which are limited in terms of their detection distance and sensitivity. In order for this adaptive lighting approach to the applied in high security applications, improvement in technology integration is required. Additionally, we need to advance the simple adaptive concepts currently used in California to include a much broader dynamic range in order to improve awareness of light-level changes for high security applications. This project will answer several of the most important questions related to system hardware, user functionality requirements, and field performance. The final deliverable will be a performance specification for high to low security applications.

Project Goals

Principal Investigators: Michael Siminiovitch

Additional Staff: Nicole Hathaway, Keith Graeber

Graduate Students: Catherine Serou (military)