Solar energy is one of the well-commercialized forms of renewable energy. With the continuous drop of solar energy cost, it is becoming more economically and environmentally appealing. However, there are some challenges which impede the fast growth and adoption of solar energy. These challenges are: 1) the intermittent nature of solar energy can have a destabilizing effect on grid/loads, 2) the difference between peak solar energy generation and peak load demand has resulted in the duck curve effect, and 3) solar fields are not considered a reliable source for dispatchable power upon request. Due to these challenges, grid operators have limited the penetration of solar energy into the grid. Two major solutions to meet these challenges are 1) day-ahead solar and load forecast, and 2) integration of electrical energy storage (EES) with solar resources. This project will deliver design and analysis of an EES system using second life EV batteries and an advanced micro-grid controller that is capable of peak shaving, peak shifting, DR and grid islanding.

Project Goals

Principal Investigator: Jae Wan Park

Additional Staff: Alexander Chew, Joseph Lacap, Vivian Tran

Undergraduate Students: Sean Marsh (military), Brandon Schroder (military)