Project 8: Fuel Integrated Energy Recuperative Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines


In gas turbine operation there is a strong desire to increase performance and efficiency, and lower emissions without sacrificing safety and reliability. With an end goal of achieving low NOx, high efficiency and long equipment lifetime, several technologies such as low temperature combustion, novel heat transfer systems, and dilute endothermic fuels are being investigated. The concept of Fuel Integrated Energy Recuperative Aero-derivative (FIERA) Turbines incorporates these technologies and looks toward achieving record low emissions and high efficiency without compromise to safety and reliability in gas turbine operation.

Project Goals

  • Understand the quantified theoretical benefits and drawbacks of the FIERA concept in terms of thrust specific fuel consumption, efficiency, emissions, and flame stability in both steady state and transient operation.
  • Lower the turndown ratio in gas turbines by extending the flammability limits of the fuel withoutcomprising flame out conditions.
  • Design, build and test a mock fuel integrated cooling system for both compressor and exhaust in a gas-to-liquid heat exchanger and integrate test results into the developed models.
  • Integrate thermo and/or thermochemical recuperation and cofiring in a combustor.
  • Quantify and calculate any weight and volume penalties for this technology.

Principal Investigator: Paul Erickson

Additional Staff: Steven Wirya, George Hererra, Jonathan Doyle

Graduate Students: Logan Bekker (military)