Product Characterization Reports

The Project Team identified and described product categories eligible for evaluation through the Hub in a series of characterization reports that are organized by 9 technology sectors. Each report provides:

  • An overview
  • Characterization of energy benefits, non-energy benefits, differentiation, installation pathways and dependencies
  • List of products
  • Quantification of performance
  • References

Electric Space Conditioning

Electric space conditioning provides heating and/or cooling without using fossil fuels.

Electric Water Heating

Electric water heaters heat water without the use of fossil fuels.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration use a refrigeration cycle to create low temperatures suitable for storing refrigerated or frozen products.

Energy Management and Information Systems

Energy management and information systems use sensors and controls to collect and report building energy-related data, detect faults, and automate building systems.

Building Fenestration and Windows

Building fenestration and windows includes window and shading products that reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings.

Plug Load Products

Plug load products reduce the electricity used by devices that are plugged into wall outlets.


Energy efficient lighting includes direct current lighting, lighting controls, light sources, and indoor lighting quality.

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Agricultural irrigation systems include irrigation and pumping technologies that save electricity and water.

Energy Storage

Energy storage products store electrical (e.g. batteries) or thermal energy to manage electricity demand.

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