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Seed Thoughts on Equity and Justice in Climate Policy

This seminar will explore Massachusetts’ experience with energy policy, revealing inequities in implementing the Green Communities Act and challenges in environmental justice, notably the impact of the fossil fuel ban on affordable housing. It will also uncover the potential for equity in Performance Based Rate making, offering an innovative path toward a fairer, more inclusive climate policy. Join a dynamic conversation aiming to sow the seeds of change, understanding the intersections between environmental initiatives, social justice, and equitable policies.

Mary Wambui is an affordable housing asset manager for the Planning Office For Urban Affairs (POUA), a non-profit social justice ministry of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. She also serves as a Councilor in the Massachusetts EEAC–the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council–where among other things she is the co-chair of the EEAC’s Energy Equity Working Group, She is also a member of the Grid Modernization’s Advisory Council Equity Working Group, she is on the Board of Green Energy Consumers Alliance, NECEC and the Coalition for a Better Acre in Lowell. She is well recognized as a leader and advocate for housing, climate & energy equity in the region.

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