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SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan: Leaving No Community Behind

For decades, SMUD has been a leader in clean energy and carbon reduction and the utility’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan continues this commitment. SMUD’s goal is to reach zero carbon emissions in its power supply by 2030 – the most ambitious goal of any large utility in the United States. This ambitious goal puts the Sacramento Region on the map as an example to follow and a region where innovative, climate-friendly businesses want to be. Going absolute zero carbon is a bold and ambitious goal – one SMUD believes it can and must achieve. The Zero Carbon Plan also commits to ensuring all communities in Sacramento share in the benefits of the clean energy transition, including health benefits from improved air quality, new jobs, and resilience to climate change. Hear from SMUD’s Shiloh Costello, Manager, DEIB & Sustainable Communities, and Bryan Swann, Director, Resource Strategy, about this ambitious plan and the work happening to ensure Sacramento’s most under-resourced customers are part of the clean energy future.

Shiloh Costello is a passionate leader and equity evangelist with 25 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, community relations, and strategic partnership development. In her current role, Shiloh serves as the Manager of DEIB and Sustainable Communities, overseeing SMUD’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging strategies and the Sustainable Communities program, which aims to bring environmental equity and economic vitality to all communities in SMUD’s service area, ensuring an inclusive and equitable clean energy future.