Teacher Survey of Comfort, Control and Air Quality in California Schools

UCD researchers led the design, implementation, and analysis of a survey of classroom teachers to measure occupant behavior, experience, and satisfaction as part of a field study to measure the performance of energy efficient HVAC upgrades in California schools. Correlations between occupant reports and objective measures of thermal comfort and indoor air quality were calculated, revealing that teachers could not accurately detect elevated CO2 levels. Moreover, teachers were more likely to report satisfaction with air quality when CO2 levels were high, most likely because the introduction of outdoor air for ventilation compromises thermal comfort. More information about the project, including press releases, can be found here: https://wcec.ucdavis.edu/improving-indoor-air-quality-in-california-schools/

Project Partners: UCD Western Cooling Efficiency Center, UCD Department of Public Health, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Sponsor: California Energy Commission, Grant # EPC-15-033