Energy News January 2023

WCEC Participates in the UC Davis College of Engineering Mentoring Program


The UC Davis College of Engineering offers a Research, Inclusion and Mentoring Experiences program for undergraduates who are considering graduate study and/or careers in engineering research by linking them with engineering graduate students who are conducting research projects. The program aims to broaden participation in engineering advanced study, introduce students to new career paths, demonstrate the real-world impacts and applications of engineering research and provide graduate students with teaching and mentoring opportunities.

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Materials Decarbonization Research Now in EEI


EEI is pleased to announce the formation of the Materials Decarbonization and Sustainability Program. This program is evidence of the growing role of low-carbon materials in global emissions-reduction strategies. The program will focus on creating breakthrough technologies without compromising material performance and life cycle greenhouse gas fluxes. Professor Sabbie Miller will be leading the  Materials Decarbonization and Sustainability Program.  Her current research involves creating breakthrough technologies that simultaneously address material performance and life cycle greenhouse gas fluxes.  Realistic policy recommendations will be an important goal.

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Energy Bites Seminar


May 4th, 2023 | 12:00pm-1:00pm | Location: EEI
Bites 1 & 2:Optimization of Ventilation and Filtration System Operation in Classrooms
Theresa Pistochini & Aref Aboud, WCEC