Energy News January 2023

EEI Compares Notes on Heat Pumps with Japanese Experts


Acting Executive Director Alan Meier recently visited Japan to discuss heat pump technologies and policies with staff from the government research agency,  New Energy Development Organization (NEDO). He also met with researchers from universities, research institutes, and private firms. Japan also faces serious challenges in de-carbonizing their residential heating systems — more than 20% of Japanese homes are still burning kerosene. The Japanese and California grids are increasingly relying on renewable energy sources, and Meier exchanged information on dynamic pricing and other strategies to balance demand and supply.

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WCEC Engineer Presents at the IEA International Heat Pump Conference


As the push for electrification of energy sources continues, electric heat pumps offer an energy efficient solution for both heating and cooling while being capable of retrofitting in existing homes. Subhrajit Chakraborty, an engineer with the Western Cooling Efficiency Center, recently presented findings focused on a Multi-function Heat Pump (MFHP) system that uses one outdoor unit to provide both domestic hot water (DHW), along with space cooling and heating. An air-to-air MFHP, demonstrated in his work, reduces barriers to home electrification by avoiding electric resistance and lowering peak demand.

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