The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) is leading the way in a new era of lighting that merges color quality with energy efficiency. Michael Siminovitch, director of the CLTC and a professor in the UC Davis Department of Design, explains “In the past when we’ve moved to more efficient lighting, we’ve lost quality of visual experience. Fortunately, with new technology, we don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.” To advance efforts in this area, the CLTC developed a new lighting quality standard—the California Quality Specification—that was adopted by the California Energy Commission in 2015. Lamps that meet this standard are now available and are eligible for rebates, and new homes built in California must have lighting that meets the California Quality standard. On the UC Davis campus, lamps meeting the standard will be deployed in future relighting and new construction efforts. “Ultimately, this is about the human equation and making our lives better, more healthful and more productive,” Siminovitch said.

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