graphic for the importance of filtration at schools. cartoon illustration of an HVAC tech testing airflows on a classroom BARD system.

Video on the Importance of Filtration in Schools

Filtration works together with ventilation to improve indoor air quality.

Filtration can capture and reduce exposure to some indoor and outdoor pollutants. In this video, we cover the basics of mechanical filtration and make simple recommendations to improve indoor air quality.

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Energy Bites – May 21, 2021

Bite 1: Equity Mapping Utlity-Scale Renewable Portfolio Standard Energy Facilities
Ingrid Behrsin, Public Scholarship & Engagement
Johanna Heyer, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bite 2: Automated Emissions Reduction: Bringing Emissions Aware Controls to Smart Devices
Henry Richardson, WattTimeTime: 12pm to 1pm
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