Putting Vacant Buildings to Sleep

Webinar June 16, 2020

Office and campus buildings consume a lot of electricity when nobody is in them. Why? When UC Davis experienced a 90% reduction in occupancy, electricity use only fell by 15%. When the Empire State Building was nearly 100% vacant, electricity use only fell 28%. What is using all this energy? Can it be safely switched off or reduced? In this webinar, Alan Meier will share the results of a study he led at UC Davis to investigate these types of questions. One of their key findings was that audio/video racks in classrooms are surprisingly large consumers of energy. Alan will discuss some of the challenges to saving electricity and understanding building occupancy. This study and continued work in this area will help UC Davis and other campuses/offices save energy.


Dr. Alan Meier–Adjunct Professor, UC Davis Environmental Science & Policy; Faculty Researcher, UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute; Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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