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OpenConcrete: a tool for estimating the environmental impacts from concrete productionAlyson Kim, Patrick R Cunningham, Kanotha Kamau-Devers and Sabbie A MillerPeer-reviewed ArticleIOP Science2022As the increasing global consumption of concrete drives notable environmental burdens from its production, particularly greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, interest in mitigation efforts is increasing. Yet current environmental impact quantification tools rely on user decision-making to select data for each concrete constituent, have inconsistent scopes and system boundaries, and often utilize third-party life cycle inventories. These factors limit customization or tracking of data and hinder the ability to draw robust comparisons among concrete mixtures to mitigate its environmental burdens. To address these issues, we introduce a cohesive, unified dataset of material, energy, and emission inventories to quantify the environmental impacts of concrete.Read Reportmdsp