People (Working)

Shota Atsumi
  • Associate Professor, Chemistry
Research Interests: Biofuels
Louise Berben
  • Professor, Chemistry
Research Interests: Solar fuels; CO2 conversion; hydrogen production
Catherine Brinkley
  • Assistant Professor, Human Ecology
Research Interests: City and regional planning; place-based policies and interventions; food-energy-water nexus; integrating agricultural ecosystems with urban areas; district heating
David Bunch
  • Professor, Graduate School of Management
Research Interests: Consumer choice behavior and modeling; decision and management sciences
James Bushnell
  • Professor, Economics
Research Interests: Energy markets; utility regulation; climate change; environmental regulation
Colin Carter
  • Distinguished Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Associate Director, UC Agricultural Issues Center
Research Interests: Commodity markets; international trade; China’s rural economy
Andre Daccache
  • Assistant Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Research Interests: Agriculture water management; irrigation & hydraulic engineering; crop & climate change modeling
J.P. Delplanque
  • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Director, California Small Hydro Collaborative
Research Interests: Combustion; hydropower; modeling and simulation
Irwin R Donis-Gonzalez
  • Assistant Postharvest Engineering Specialist, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Research Interests: Postharvest engineering, handling, traceability & processing of agricultural commodities; reducing energy consumption
Matt Ellis
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Research Interests: Control optimization of energy systems