People (Working)

Katrina Jessoe
  • Associate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Research Interests: Environmental and energy economics; consumer and firm behavior
Isaya Kisseka
  • Assistant Professor, Land, Air and Water Resources and Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Research Interests: Agricultural hydrology & water management; irrigation engineering; crop modeling & decision support
Marina Leite
  • Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Research Interests: Energy harvesting & storage systems; functional properties of materials; materials processing
Mark Mascal
  • Professor, Chemistry
Research Interests: Integrated biorefinery; renewable fuels and materials; biomass valorization; biomass-derived platform chemicals
Sabbie Miller
  • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Life cycle assessment; alternative materials development; sustainability and structural design
Frances Moore
  • Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
Research Interests: Economic and social impacts of climate change; energy-water-food nexus
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
  • Energy Graduate Group Advisor-Science & Technology Track
Research Interests: Solar materials
Erich Muehlegger
  • Associate Professor, Economics
Research Interests: Regulation and taxation of energy markets; industrial organization; public finance; environmental policy
Jeremy Munday
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Photovoltaics; hydrogen technologies
Vinod Narayanan
  • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Associate Director, Western Cooling Efficiency Center
Research Interests: Energy efficiency; heat and mass transfer enhancement in devices and systems; phase change heat transfer; microtechnology