Yudi Li
Yudi Li
  • Ph.D. student
Research Interests: Land-use efficiency; Utility-scale solar energy
Faculty mentor: Rebecca R. Hernandez

Yudi received his master’s degree from the Conservation Sciences department in the University of Minnesota. His thesis focused on how the endangered Karner blue butterfly responded and adapted to climate change. Yudi also had a two-year student internship at Argonne National Laboratory, researching the ecosystem services offered by ecosystem-friendly solar parks in the Midwest. For his Ph.D., Yudi will be committed to solving the issues of poor land-use efficiency of utility-scale solar energy and figuring out the co-benefits provided by solar farms and range-voltaic in CA. His ultimate goal is to achieve a “win-win-win” scenario for the energy-land-ecology nexus. Yudi also has broad outdoor hobbies, including car racing, star gazing, and aerial photography.

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