UC Davis Selected by DOE for Industrial Decarbonization Initiative, Secures $1.98M Funding

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is backing UC Davis with $1.98 million to lead a project in the race to decarbonize industry. Under the guidance of WCEC Director Vinod Narayanan, the UC Davis collaboration will explore advanced methodologies for the extraction and repurposing of low-grade waste heat within industrial processes. This interdisciplinary effort involves key contributors such as WCEC engineer Erfan Rasouli, EEI Market Transformation Research Director Sarah Outcault, and Professor Nitin Nitin from the UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering and Food Science and Technology departments.

Managed by the DOE’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO), the selected projects, distributed across diverse sectors, will contribute to applied research, development, and pilot-scale technology validation and demonstration.

“This is a quintessential UC Davis project that combines our strengths in food science and energy efficiency,” said Narayanan. “We are thrilled to be one of only 22 U.S. academic institutions to lead an IEDO project.” 

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as WCEC’s microchannel polymer heat exchangers, the team endeavors to devise high-efficiency methods for harnessing low-grade waste heat. Professor Nitin Nitin’s research group contributes a novel synergistic pasteurization process, while Outcault will spearhead market adoption initiatives in collaboration with industry partners.

The DOE’s recognition of the UC Davis-led project underscores the university’s pivotal role in industrial decarbonization. Aligned with the objectives of the UC Davis Industrial Decarbonization Solutions Hub, this initiative addresses the imperative to curtail carbon emissions within the industrial sector, which constitutes one-third of total U.S. energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

For a comprehensive overview, kindly access the full story here. This project stands as a testament to UC Davis’s commitment to sustainable innovation and the collective pursuit of national climate goals.

Registration is Open: 2024 Industrial Decarbonization Symposium

Join us on April 16 for the second Industrial Decarbonization Symposium hosted by the Industrial Decarbonization Solutions Hub (IDSH) at UC Davis. This free event presents a unique opportunity for collaboration among industry leaders, utilities, regulators, and researchers to work together in addressing the imperative of carbon reduction within our industrial landscape.

Research Emphasizes Prudent Approach to Solar Expansion for Biodiversity Conservation

A recent collaborative research endeavor that included UC Davis, Columbia University, and others, has shed light on the critical importance of safeguarding biodiversity under the expanding domain of solar power. The research, prominently covered in The New York Times, explores the complex dynamics between solar expansion, Resilient and Connected Landscapes (RCL), and the indispensable wildlife corridors crucial for ecological resilience.

PBS Show Features Dean Corsi in IAQ-focused Episode

In a recent episode of the PBS show Home Diagnosis, Dean Richard Corsi of the UC Davis College of Engineering shared valuable insights on indoor air quality. The episode, titled ‘There, I Fixed It,’ explores the complexities of home improvement and problem-solving, questioning whether our attempts to “fix” things may create new problems. 

The show combines elements of “This Old House” with forensic testing, promoting measured home performance and best practices in building science. As hosts travel the country in their high-performance tiny house, they diagnose and solve mystery problems in homes, prioritizing safety, health, and comfort. This episode focuses on the interconnectedness of home systems and the potential unseen consequences of common fixes. Dean Corsi’s expertise underscores the importance of understanding and addressing indoor air quality issues. Viewers gain valuable knowledge for creating safer, healthier, and more comfortable living spaces.

Bridging Gaps: Recent Discussions on Energy Justice in Focus

The EEI Energy Justice Seminar Series serves as an illuminating platform, delving into the intricate web of energy justice issues woven into our global energy landscape. Developed with a keen understanding that energy-related matters are deeply entangled with historical and contemporary issues of justice, this seminar series aims to foster discussions that shed light on the complexities of these challenges.

Recent sessions of the Energy Justice Seminar Series have covered a diverse range of topics, featuring experts who bring their wealth of knowledge to the forefront. These sessions are not just informative but also an invaluable resource for anyone looking to understand and engage with the complexities of energy justice.

For those eager to delve deeper into these discussions, the Energy Justice Seminar Series offers video presentations of these sessions. Watching these videos provides a nuanced understanding of the challenges embedded in the pursuit of energy justice.