WCEC Well Represented at This Year's ASHRAE Conference

The Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) has an impressive seven presentations at this year’s ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago.
Christy Green
Load Flexibility of a Residential Multi-Function Heat Pump Using Dynamic Pricing
Caton Mande
Model-Based Hot Water Draw Estimation in Heat Pump Water Heaters
Fredrick Meyers
Laboratory Evaluation of High-Efficiency Motor and Drive Systems for Packaged HVAC Units 
Curtis Harrington
Swimming Pools as Heat Sinks for Air Conditioners
Emily Fricke
Design and Testing of a Novel Microchannel Polymer Heat Exchanger for Applications in Residential Cooling
David Vernon
Heating Hot Water Distribution Heat Losses – Detailed Measurement
Jonathan Hollist
Desiccant Enhanced Indirect Evaporative Cooling: Laboratory Testing

KAIST Visiting Professors Illuminate Smart City Strategies

CLTC hosted distinguished visiting professors from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) on January 23. These scholars shared insights into smart city technologies and climate change mitigation strategies. Their presentations provided attendees with valuable perspectives on urban development and sustainable finance. Participants departed enriched and eager for future engagements with pioneering research. Learn more

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