Smart Home Hosts Innovative Heat Pump Research

The UC Davis Smart Home is hosting a new project that evaluates the performance of multi-function heat pumps (MFHPs). This WCEC study will install and test the Panasonic Aquarea EcoFleX MFHP, which combines space cooling, space heating, and domestic hot water heating into one highly efficient unit. By leveraging the Smart Home’s advanced monitoring capabilities, researchers aim to quantify the energy savings and operational benefits of MFHPs compared to traditional HVAC systems.

This project not only highlights the potential for significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions but also focuses on practical benefits for homeowners, such as lower utility bills and reduced installation costs. The insights gained from the Smart Home’s real-world data will support the development of new energy efficiency measures and promote wider adoption of MFHP technology, driving progress towards a more sustainable residential energy landscape.

Industrial Decarbonization Symposium 2024 Videos Now Available

Videos from the Industrial Decarbonization Symposium, held on April 16, are now available for viewing.

Slipping Through the Cracks: How Advances in Aerosol Sealing May Hold the Key to Greater Home Energy Efficiency

Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Center for Energy and Environment, and the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center delves into the benefits of aerosol envelope sealing techniques for existing residential buildings.

Special Webinar: Dr. David Kathan and the Future of Distributed Energy Resources

When: Monday, June 3, 2024  – 12pm Lunch, 12:30pm Presentation
Where: UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute, 1605 Tilia St, Davis CA

We are delighted to invite you to a special presentation by Dr. David Kathan, recently retired Senior Economist at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Dr. Kathan is a leading expert in market design and resource adequacy and will be speaking on the impact of a landmark FERC ruling that he was instrumental in developing.

About the Presentation
Dr. Kathan is the architect of FERC Order 2222, a groundbreaking regulation that opens up wholesale electricity markets to distributed energy resources (DERs) like rooftop solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles. Dr. Kathan will discuss the implications of this ruling for the energy industry, consumers, and the environment. He will also share his insights on the future of DERs and their role in a decarbonized grid.

Dig Into “Energy Bites”

Every Thursday this spring we are hosting our Energy Bites seminar series in-person and remotely. Each seminar features two short presentation “bites” over the lunch hour (12pm to 1pm). We hope you can join us and check out some of our latest research.

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