Seya, Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Seya

Regional Engineering Manager Western & Central Africa
Aggreko International

Jean-Philippe has 7 years international experience in energy sector, developing challenging Power projects in more than 20 African countries. He has successfully managed multi-million dollars Power Projects (thermal, solar, battery storage) where he was in charge of feasibility studies and detailed engineering design.

He has successfully built his expertise through a diverse range of applications: Utilities, data centers, Oil and gas, Production Industries, Event, Mining sector.

He has a particular focus on the development of local capability and energy sector policies in developing countries, related to Renewables, storage systems, micro grids, rural electrification and clean cooking.

Mendonsa, Dan

Dan Mendonsa

Energy Manager
UC Davis Health

Dan manages utilities for over 4-million sq. ft. of hospital and support facilities while pursuing aggressive energy, GHG and water reduction goals. Projects include retro-commissioning, implementing continuous commissioning software, retrofitting lights with LEDs and advanced lighting controls and investigating large-scale renewable energy projects and water efficiency projects.

Rolf Schreiber

Rolf Schreiber

Energy Strategy Program Manager
Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google

Rolf is an Energy Strategy Program Manager at Google and oversees various energy programs for Google’s corporate operations in the Bay Area - including renewable energy projects, onsite energy storage systems and demand response initiatives. His past projects include the launch of the EV charging infrastructure program at Google and integration of plug-in vehicles into Google’s car-sharing services. He has also worked on climate change initiatives such as Google PowerMeter, where he was responsible for providing technical integration services to utility and device partners; and RechargeIT, where he was the technical lead for projects such as the RechargeIT Driving Experiment, and a "smart charging" proof-of-concept project demonstrating plug-in vehicles’ ability to provide near realtime response to the electric grid's needs. He joined Google in April 2005.

Designing the Most Effective Heat Exchanger

Designing the Most Effective Heat Exchanger

Outlet Full Name: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
News Date: 02/11/2020
High-temperature heat exchangers could reduce the amount of fuel needed to power many industrial processes, reducing costs and improving energy efficiency along the way. But first, researchers need to find the best way to create those high-temperature, high-pressure, efficient, and compact heat exchangers.

A researcher designed ‘anti-solar’ panels that generate electricity in the dark of night

A researcher designed ‘anti-solar’ panels that generate electricity in the dark of night

Outlet Full Name: CNN
News Date: 02/05/2020
Solar panels, true to their name, don’t technically work at night. But a California researcher claims he’s found a way to keep them generating power long after the sun sets.
Jeremy Munday, a professor in electrical and computer engineering at the University of California – Davis, is working on a panel prototype he says could do just that.